At My Own Hair! you will be serviced in a relaxing, professional, home atmosphere in which you will have my full focus and attention during your appointment.

  • All services by appointment only.
  • The time for your appointment is blocked off only for you, so please be on time. Things do happen, however; so please call me if it looks like you will be more than 15 minutes late. If you must cancel an appointment, a 24-hour notice is requested.
  • If something comes up and I have to cancel your appointment, I will contact you immediately to let you know and to reschedule.
  • Please shampoo your hair within 24 hours of all appointments — including Consultation, Locking Session, Follow-Up, Retightenings, Repairs, and Grooming sessions.
  • Smokers are welcome.
  • You will be quoted the price of your 3-Visit package during the Consultation, and the $35 non-refundable Consultation deposit will be applied to the cost of your full package. 
  • You may pay for your 3-Visit Package in installments, however your final payment is due before the Locking Session can be started.
  • I advise against micro-sized Sisterlocks® for various reasons; and I neither install nor retighten them.
  • No personal checks please. Cash, credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, and PayPal are welcome. See the Pricing Info page for details.
  • If you refer a client who gets the full 3-Visit Package, you will receive a free Retightening.
  • If you refer a client who gets a Retightening, Repairs, or Grooming, you will receive $20 off your next Retightening.
  • I reserve the right to take photographs of my work for advertisement, documentation, and demonstration purposes.

Feel free to contact me at myownhair@comcast.net. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or to set up a consultation appointment.

To learn more about Sisterlocks™, visit the Official Sisterlocks™ web site.

We Accept Credit Cards


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